Video Hero Review

Video Hero Review

I have been making money with videos for several years now. I create videos for small businesses and I also create videos for affiliate marketing. There is a learning curve when it comes to creating videos and many people shy away from videos due to this time investment and/or from a fear of being on camera.

Creating videos is not the only way to benefit from Youtube videos, though. There is actually a much easier way and Derek Allen shows the way with his product, Video Hero. I purchased Video Hero and went through the entire product. What I love about it is that Derek shows not one, but six different ways to make money using Youtube, and with five of the six, you do not have to make a video at all. Each way is easy to set up and fairly quick. You can set up what he calls a “campaign” in anywhere from 15 minutes to about two hours, depending on the method you choose to use.

This is not about video advertising, it is about leveraging existing videos to bring in extra cash on a consistent bases.

The biggest benefit, is that once you choose a method and implement it, you can continue to make money from each campaign that you create, for a long time. You can then rinse and repeat with that method or add a second method. So everything is easily scalable.

Having many different ways to make money online is key to consistent income. While the majority of my income comes with the assistance I provide small businesses, it is nice to have another way to bring in some extra money that is a bit more passive. That is what Video Hero is able to provide.

Derek Allen is a great teacher — he leaves nothing out, and provides everything in clear, actionable steps. He provides a list of all of the tools that he uses, but makes it very clear that the list is only his recommendation to make the entire process easier. Whenever possible, he also provides alternative tools, that might be less expensive or free, for those just starting out or on a tight budget.

Below is a short review that I created of Video Hero. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and ask.

The key to Video Hero, as like most products, is consistency. And with Video Hero, you do not need a lot of time each day to devote to it. If you can put even 30 minutes to an hour a day into creating campaigns similar to what is presented in this product, you could see good results.

At the time of creating this blog post and video, Video Hero was about $10. It passes the Shoestring Marketer seal of approval based on ease of use, ability to start on a shoestring budget and income potential for those who take consistent action on what is presented.

Check Out Video Here Here

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2 thoughts on “Video Hero Review

  1. In this video you said you would put up your own campaigns to test this product….
    How did you do with them?
    Did you actually make some money and if so, how long of a time doing this system did it take you?

    Would really appreciate an answer if you actually took the steps outlined in the course.


    1. Hey Michael. Thanks for the question. I did take steps with one of the 7 methods mentioned in this course and I am getting consistent sales with it. I am in the process now of ramping it up.

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