ViddyClick Review

ViddyClick Review and Bonuses

Today I am reviewing a product by my good friend Steve Chase. Steve is one of those marketers that actually creates products based around what he does. When I first met Steve, he was doing voiceover work. He now creates and sells video products. ViddyClick combines video marketing with affiliate marketing in a very unique way. And the best part? The videos and much more are already done for you.

Why ViddyClick?

With ViddyClick, he solves a problem that many affiliate marketers face. They usually take one of two roads when sending clicks to an affiliate offer.

They either rank videos OR they rank websites.

Videos are easier to rank, but if all the video does is send people directly to the offer, they lose the ability to retarget potential buyers.

Getting people to visit your website gives you more ability to retarget and convert more people into buyers, but ranking a website using SEO is much more difficult than ranking a video on YouTube.

Either way, something is missing. Neither way is perfect.

ViddyClick incorporates the best of both.

Imagine a video, around 60 seconds in length, that when seen by a “buyer” will motivate them enough to “click on the link in the description below”. Now imagine that same person clicking and landing on a multi-page website with a “product review video” on the front page, along with 5 articles, all related to the niche of the product you are trying to “sell.”

All of a sudden, the possibilities are endless. Maybe they watch the review video and then click the button for “more info”, sending them to the affiliate offer. Or maybe they read some of the articles and THEN they click for “more info.” Or maybe they read some, watch some of the video, and then leave.

But no matter what they do, you still end up a winner, because you can retarget them, if you’d like.

And this is what Steve has created in ViddyClick.

What you get in ViddyClick:

Five full funnels containing:

1)  1 “Click” Video – 60 second video to rank on YouTube to drive traffic to your landing site
2)  1 “Review” video – a 4 to 6 minute video that reviews the Clickbank product, it is used on the landing site, but can also be ranked on YouTube as well to drive more traffic.
3)  1 Landing Site – This is multi-page site that has some nice images, 5 different articles in the same niche as the Clickbank product, and features the review video on the front page.  Each page has a button to click over to the affiliate offer.  The sites are built in HTML.

ViddyClick Training Included: 

1)  “How to brand the videos”
2)  “How to install the landing site”
3)  “How to maximize each funnel’s success”

So right out of the gate, you receive 5 funnels selling these hot clickbank offers:

2)  His Secret Obsession
3)  The Red Tea Detox
4)  Ted’s Woodworking
5)  Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Steve’s products are well designed and easy to set up. With the training included, even the most novice marketer can hit the ground running. I cannot recommend ViddyClick enough.

Bonus: I have created a membership that contains internet marketing training and software. It will continue to grow over time. Eventually, I will be charging monthly for it, but right now you can get in at no cost if you pick up ViddyClick through my link.

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