Social Video Suite Review – How to Make Money with Social Video Suite

Social Video suite review and bonus

As many of you know, I make the bulk of my online income by helping local businesses. Interestingly, almost all of my “local” business clients are not local! That is the beauty of being online — you can help businesses anywhere in the world.

How Can You Make Money With Social Video Suite?

Today I am reviewing Social Video Suite, which is a way to create short videos quickly. You can sell these videos or use them as a foot in the door. That is how I plan on using them. If you are on Facebook, you are likely being shown ads daily for services in your local area. Most of the time, these ads are simply a post, and are usually not very interesting. By contacting these businesses and showing them a video that you created (and took only a few minutes to create), many will be interested in purchasing it from you. Or you can offer one for free and then tell them that you will create more for a discount. Once you start creating videos for them, you can offer other services like social media management, reputation management, website or video SEO, etc.

You can also use Social Video Suite to promote your own businesses and products. They are perfect for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and even website content.

Examples of Social Video Suite Templates

Below are a few examples of these videos. These are templates and everything can be changed to suite your niche and message.

You need Powerpoint in order to use Social Video Suite templates. If you do not have it, you can purchase the Microsoft suite (which includes Powerpoint) for $6.99 per month.


It is important to brand your videos, so if you pick up Social Video Suite from my link, I will create a logo intro (or a text intro if you do not have a logo), that you can use with each video you create. Below are examples of some of the logo intros that I can create.

Check Out Social Media Suite Here









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