Post2Profit Review

Post2Profit Review and Bonus

Today, I am reviewing Post2Profit, created by Helen Doherty and Jeremy Kennedy. In it, Helen shows how she is now consistently making about 1K per week by posting on a new-ish social media platform. She doesn’t have to sell anything or create a blog or videos or have an email list. She just creates posts.

In Post2Profits, she presents a step-by-step .pdf, whereby she shows exactly what she does every day. This is something that you need to do every day in order to bring in the best profits.

What I love about it is that she gives ideas on what to write about and she also provides tips on how to scale quickly.


No matter how little time you have, or how little money you have, you can do Post2Profit. Due to its immense value, zero startup costs and high income potential, I give Post2Profit a the Shoestring Marketer’s seal of approval. If you buy it from me, as a bonus, I will provide email assistance should you have any questions as you go through the product. Never be stuck not knowing what to do next.

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2 thoughts on “Post2Profit Review

  1. Hi Noreen & shoestring marketer,

    Thanks for this review.
    Just wondering if you’ve actually used this yet?
    If so, have you made any income from using it? ( i.e. NOT from being an affiliate but by using the post2profit?)

    1. Hi Harriet. Thanks for the note. Yes, I have used it. I have been using Steemit for quite some time prior to this product, and the tips inside the course really helped to increase the number of followers. The creator of the product is making 1K a week on Steemit. I do not post that regularly. I post about 2x a month and she posts 2x a day. So my earnings are no where near that. But I did learn a lot from her course.

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