Organic Traffic Platform (OTP) Review and Walk-Through – Locustware Bootcamp

Today I am reviewing a product by Cliff Carrigan, Organic Traffic Platform (OTP). This is a Windows Based software that enables the user to quickly make a site with mass generated content that can be dripped out over years, with the ability to have multiple authors. In this way you create a massive site, with content creation that looks natural and that Google loves.

Cliff is one of my favorite software developers, because he actually CREATES his own software and creates it based on his own needs — so he uses what he creates. This is important because I know the software is good and that it will always be updated.

Below is a video that Cliff made, regarding OTP. I cut it down from the one on the sales page, so you can understand the gist of the product, but to see all that it can do, please check out the full video on the sales page.



Having created many sites with page generators, I have never seen a system as easy as this one, or as effective. As a bonus, if you purchase OTP through my link, I will provide you my private email address so you can ask me questions as you create your sites. In this way, you will never have to question what you should do next. I usually charge $125/month for email access.

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