How To Use Designrr to Build A Following And Bring In Sales

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There are very few tools in my business that I classify as a “must-have.” A few years ago, I purchased Designrr because I thought it was cool. Since then, it has become a tool that I use almost daily.

What is Designrr? Designrr is a tool that creates lead magnets very easily from blog posts. The great thing is, you can create these lead magnets for yourself or for clients. The majority of my income is generated by the work I do for offline businesses, and Designrr plays a big role in that.

Designrr was created by Paul Clifford. It is currently on special, making it a very affordable product, at just $27.

How Designrr Works

How Designrr Works

How Designrr Works


What can you do with Designrr? I’m glad you asked!

Create a PDF Version of Any and Every Blog Post

When I purchased Designrr, this is initially how I used it. I have several websites in different niches. Whenever I create a blog post, I include the .pdf version of that post within the post. Why? Because many people come to a post that they want to read but don’t have time at the moment. By offering them a .pdf version, they can download it and read it their leisure. When they download it, I capture their email address and can continue to contact them in the future. Also, within the .pdf, I can place affiliate links or links to products that I sell. It is a great tool for marketing and branding.

Likewise, you can create a .pdf of a blog post that you would like to read later. I have many such .pdfs on my hard drive. It is an easy way to keep great information close at hand.

Create A Lead Magnet For Others

This is the number one way I use Designrr. I search out popular blogs and offer my lead magnet creation service to them. I am able to fulfill this service in about fifteen minutes and I charge anywhere from $25-$50 per .pdf. Blog owners have an instant .pdf that they can use to collect leads, further their exposure and promote their products.

This also works for offline businesses. A chiropractor, for instance, will use my service to package up information on his blog to become known as the “expert” in the area and to create an email list that he can contact whenever he wants.

I have built in my schedule to reach out to 10 businesses each week. This foot-in-the-door service brings in a steady flow of new clients.

Submit The PDF to PDF Directories

Another great way to use Designrr is to submit the .pdfs that you create to .pdf directories. In this way, you are able to increase branding and drive more traffic — to wherever you’d like. You can also combine several posts to create an ebook! Since it only takes minutes to create a .pdf with Designrr, this is a very time effective way of increasing your reach. Submitting the .pdfs to directories can also be an add-on service when you create these .pdfs for others.

Deal of the Year

There is typically a monthly charge to Designrr that you can see on it’s sales page at, but currently Paul is running a special. Instead of paying monthly, you can pick up the professional version of this great tool for a one time fee of $27 through this link.

Designrr pricing


Want to see what a blog post looks like when Designrr is used to turn it into a .pdf? Click here to download the .pdf of this post. It is an automatic download, no opt-in required.

Once you start using Designrr, you will see what I have come to know — it is a must-have tool for both your business and your life. At its current special, it makes it even more valuable.

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