How to Pay Off Your Debt, Quit Your Job, And Live Life on Your Own Terms

So, most of us did not win the biggest powerball payout in history last week. Most woke up on Thursday and shuffled off to work, again.

Yet, yearning in many is a dream much bigger than a 9-5 paycheck. We want something bigger than just a J.O.B — just over broke existence. We want to be our own boss, in control of the size of our paycheck and our destiny.

Is it just a pipe dream?

Is it possible to make an income online that could pay off debt, replace the income from your job, and then increase what you are currently making 2, 5, 10-fold?

How I Paid Off My Debt

My daughter was born with Cerebral Palsy, and although the doctors assured me that the only impact this condition would have on her would be that she would not get a nod from the US Olympics Committee in her lifetime, they were wrong.

It was the first of many comments that various doctors made that were in error.

My beautiful little girl had more than a slight gait when she walked. Her daily life presented more challenges than just not being able to use her left hand. She struggled to comprehend verbal and non verbal communication, her eyes had trouble focusing — I learned several years later that this was due to a condition called nystagmus — she had trouble learning, and then came seizures.

Every day was a struggle for my daughter, and for me, as I found myself raising her alone. She was so happy though! People would tell me that she was the happiest person they had ever met. And so, day after day we trudged along.

I knew that I had to focus on getting out of debt if I was to give her what she needed to succeed in life. Insurance didn’t cover everything, and she needed occupational and physical therapy, medications, tutors and a whole lot of time with ME. So taking on an extra job outside the house was not an option. One 9-5 was enough; I couldn’t also take on a 6 to midnight.

So, I turned to the Internet to find help. Lots of missteps and wrong turns. But I found my way to freelance sites where I could make money by doing things such as typing and writing articles for blog owners and then learning how to set up WordPress sites, create videos and take part in affiliate marketing.

Within a year of starting to work online, I had paid off our debt. Around the same time, in my 9-5 job I was transferred to a department where my new boss decided that I could not take time off for my daughter’s PT and OT sessions. My old boss had allowed me to come in an hour late two mornings a week so that I could take her to her appointments first thing in the morning, and then I would stay late on those days. New boss wouldn’t allow this, so my daughter’s therapy sessions, which she desperately needed, came to a halt.

I knew at that moment, that I could no longer work for someone else. I had to be in control of our future.

How I Quit My Job

That was the summer of 2009. I set my sights on quitting my job by the next summer. My goal was to make enough each month to replace my current income, plus 25%. Once I could do that, I knew that we would be secure enough for me to leave.

In order to meet this goal, I had to focus. I chose affiliate marketing and poured every ounce of my energy into mastering it. As soon as my daughter would fall asleep at night, I would go online and work until 2am, learning and testing, testing and learning. Every month my online income increased.

I quit my job on April 30, 2010, one month ahead of schedule. My daughter was in fifth grade. The following school year she was bullied to the point where I had no choice but to withdraw her from middle school and home school her. I was able to do this ONLY because of my online business.

Living Life on My Own Terms

Homeschooling my daughter through her middle school years was the most rewarding experience of my life. Both of us grew in ways I would have never imagined. We went on “field trips” at the drop of a hat, spent time learning how to cook new dishes, she found a woman across the world in Shanghai that was willing to teach her Mandarin, and a gentleman in California who taught her how to play the drums. All online, of course.

She is now thriving in High School and my business continues to grow, too. We have both the time and money to travel, even if it is just to go camping an hour away.

The Internet made it all possible. The next phase of our life is to help others. I have always wanted to start a support group for single moms with special needs kids. That is the direction I am looking to go in 2016.

How about you? If you have thought about making a few extra dollars but weren’t sure where to turn, my friend Chris created a report that goes in-depth on 5 different systems of making money online without needing any startup capital. The ways he discusses are: Freelancing, which is how I got started, Affiliate Marketing (promoting other people’s products and getting a commission), Product Creation (creating and selling you own products), Video Marketing, and List Building.

If you would like to learn about these 5 different income streams, you can check it out here. I’ve known Chris for a little over two years and have seen his own story change dramatically once he began to focus on making extra income online. We now work together on several projects, including starting a video marketing company together.

You can do it. If you are reading this it is because you have that desire. You know it is possible. Others may think you are crazy, but you know that you want a life that is different from what it is now. A life on your own terms.

I believe in you. Believe in yourself and get started. Now.

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