Crypto Prophecy Review

cryptoprophecy review

It’s been awhile since I have written about a product — mainly because I haven’t been wow’d by anything in awhile. This weekend I came across CryptoProphecy and I really like it. I have been involved with cryptocurrencies since 2014 and I made a decent amount of money with bitcoin. I have to admit, I got lucky. I didn’t know what I was doing — I bought some on the advice of someone I trusted, and then I forgot about it. When it went up to almost 20K per coin in 2017, I cashed some out and left the rest to ride. My small investment paid out big.

What is Crypto Prophecy?

Now it has become a bit more difficult and people spend a lot of time trying to figure out which coins will “go to the moon” and when to buy and when to sell. That is why I was so excited about Crypto Prophecy. Cryptoprophecy is an amazing Crypto currency control panel. It compares current prices to a significant “recent” dip within the last few months. It is a perfect marriage of human intelligence and multiple API usage from the most relied on cryptocurrency boards.

Don’t know a lot about cryptocurrencies? In addition to the software, you will receive a ton of video training included in the product. The training program is run by a woman known in the crypto world as CryptoGirl. This program was built to help new members get started learning about cryptocurrencies fast and the many ways to profit consistently from them. All her strategies are discussed clearly with examples and explanations to show what they are and how to put them to use in real-life.

Here is an example of the training inside the product:

Already know about buying and selling cryptocurrencies? You will be able to dive right in! If you do not, you will learn so much from the training. If you have ever thought about wanting to learn and profit from cryptocurrencies, this is a great product to get you started.

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