Best Make Money Online Business Models – 2019, Part 1 – Affiliate Sales (cool software)

Affiliate Marketing How To in 2019

Today I am starting a series on the best online business models for 2019 and beyondIt seems like every day I get asked what is the best way to make money online. There are many ways to make money online and I suggest that you start with something that resonates with you. The best way to make money online is to find a method that works and to then work it consistently. Nothing will work if you give it only a half hearted try, or put only a day or two into it and then move on to the next thing.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the easiest ways to make money online is Affiliate Marketing. In this online business model, you promote someone else’s product and get a commission every time someone buys that product using your link. In essence, all you need to do is drive traffic to the offer and when someone buys, you get paid. Traffic can be sent via a blog, Youtube videos, paid traffic, social media, etc. One reason this model works so well is because the affiliate does not need to concern themselves with product development or support. Their only job is to send traffic.

Biggest Problem with Affiliate Marketing

One of the advantages of affiliate marketing is also one of its biggest problems. You send traffic but you are not able to capture the buyer’s contact information after the transaction. The owner of the product is the one that can market to that person over time, not the affiliate. So, the affiliate makes a one time commission, or perhaps a recurring commission, but there is not a way for them to continue to contact that buyer.

Solving the Biggest Problem with Affiliate Marketing

Enter Affiliate Trax. With this cool piece of software, the affiliate can track every detail about the product that is being sold. They can track their profit per customer and refund rates. This is important as it helps the affiliate zero in on the best products to promote. They end up wasting less time on less profitable products. The most important piece of Affiliate Trax, in my opinion, however, is that it allows the affiliate to build their own list while they promote other people’s products. In this way, the affiliate can continue to market to that person over time.

Here is an example of the type of information that you receive when using Affiliate Trax:

affiliate marking how to


Affiliate Trax was created by internet marketers for internet marketers. If you are considering becoming an affiliate marketer or already are, this tool is invaluable. The only drawback is that it links only with the JVZoo platform. If you are not familiar with this, it is a selling platform primarily for internet marketing products. Currently it has tens of thousands of products that one can become an affiliate for, so there is no shortage there.

There are also Private Label Rights (PLR) products that can be promoted in niches other than internet marketing. It is an easy platform to sign up for and for the most part, it is easy to get accepted to promote the products inside. If you choose to go this route and have difficulty getting approval from any given vendor to sell their product, contact me and I will help you out.

How to Get Affiliate Trax

I was able to secure 25 copies of Affiliate Trax at a discounted price of $27 (regular price is $67). Click below to get yours now. Once the 25 are gone, so is this special discount.

In addition to picking up this great piece of software at a significant discount, as a bonus I will also give you access to my new Shoestring Marketer Membership site at no cost. This membership site is a $17/month value and contains internet marketing training and strategies. Since you will be receiving access to the membership site for free, I will need to set up your membership account by hand, so please allow 48 hours to receive your login credentials. Your Affiliate Trax login details, however, will be sent to you immediately upon purchase.

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Affiliate Marketing Business Model




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