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Affiliate Triad Jason Fladlien

A month ago, I was presented with an opportunity by my all-time favorite marketer, Jason Fladlien. I have followed Jason from his early beginnings more than a decade ago and have purchased many of his products. He has always been on the cutting edge of innovation. His products and support team are top-notch.

Due to his incredible skills at creating webinars and putting together over-the-top bonus packages, he is also a top affiliate, if not the top affiliate every time he promotes a product.

Enter Affiliate Triad.

Jason has created an opportunity for people to partner with him when he promotes products. He chooses the top of the top products, creates stunning bonus packages, hosts webinars, and as a partner, those inside of Affiliate Triad benefit.

Perks of Being an Affiliate Triad Member

In just the one month that I have been a member, I have already benefited from the perks. With the first promotion that I was a part of, I was able to leverage the 3 webinars that Jason hosted to bring in those interested in the topics. I simply told people about the webinar, they attended and Jason did the selling. He provided exclusive bonuses that I could not have, given me that additional benefit. He was able to secure for me product review access, so I could with confidence talk about the product to others. In addition, I gained knowledge that I did not previously have, simply by going through the product. I was able to keep all of the leads I generated, as well as the commissions. On this product, the commission was over 1K for each sale.

The next big promotion is happening in April. It is for a $1997 product, and again the commission will be 50%.

Affiliate Triad is not simply about being able to partner with Jason to earn affiliate commissions, but it is also about the community that he has created within Affiliate Triad. There are mentors who hold “office hours” each week to help you learn and execute. They hold your hand, if needed so that you do not wander around confused. They offer encouragement, suggestions and a proven path to success.

Affiliate Triad also has training on how to get traffic to offers and there are a host of products that you have access to in order to learn the art of affiliate marketing.

Watch the webinar that Jason has created explaining Affiliate Triad here.

And Read More about Affiliate Triad here.






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