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Lead Magnet Made Easy - Designrr

What is a lead magnet? A lead magnet is something you give away to get a person’s email address. The better the lead magnet, the more likely a person will give up his/her email address.

Designrr is a product created by Paul Clifford of PageOne Traffic. This product allows users to quickly and easily create an ebook from existing content on a website. Designrr ignores website’s sidebars, social media icons and adverts. It configures the formatting in a number of fonts and adds a template cover. You can also design your own cover by uploading images.

The benefit of Designrr is that it allows anyone, regardless of technical ability to create a professional looking ebook very quickly. The software is able to take content from one or multiple websites and put it into an ebook format that can then be given away, to help build a list.

It can also be used within a post. For a well-written, detailed post that a person might want to refer back to, the author can package up the post and offer it as a download alongside the post. Many time-strapped people would love this option.

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