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Yesterday a good friend of mine posted that none of her sites were reachable because her hosting company, Hostgator was down. Within the hour, I saw many businesses post similar stories of woe on Facebook. By the time Hostgator had resolved the issue, 11 hours had passed. For many, this meant thousands of dollars in lost revenue. A simple search on Twitter, showed that Hostgator problems were not limited to just yesterday. There were hundreds of tweets in the last two weeks of November alone.

Hostgator Alternative

I suggested to my friend that she switch hosting companies, and I recommended the one I use: Veerotech. I made the switch about three years ago and in that time, I have never experienced an outage. Equally as important is that their support is phenomenal. They answer all of my questions and requests with respect and usually within an hour, regardless when I submit a ticket.

Once, I was having trouble with a WordPress plugin, and I emailed their support desk to see if they could help. I don’t think troubleshooting plugins would normally fall under the responsibility of a hosting companies duties, but they worked on the problem for more than four hours and come back with a solution for me. In the past three years they have migrated websites, restored files that I accidentally deleted, troubleshooted WordPress issues, set up SSL certificates and more. Quickly, efficiently and often with humor. They treat me, always, like I’m their only customer.

It is refreshing.

My friend promptly emailed them to see what it would cost to have a similar setup to what she had with Hostgator and found out that the cost was half of what she has been paying. As you might guess, she will be changing hosting companies soon.

If you are fed up with your current hosting provider, and are searching for an alternative, look into Veerotech. I know you will not be disappointed.

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